• $6

    Hot Buttered Rum

    Myer’s Dark Rum, creamy butter and brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg simple syrup.
  • $6

    Hot Toddy

    A classic, to cure what ails ya'!
    Jack Daniel’s Honey, simple syrup, fresh squeezed lemon juice and piping hot water.
  • $7

    Keoke Coffee

    Brandy, Café Lolita, creme de cocoa and hot coffee topped with fresh-made whipped cream.
  • $7

    Spiced Bourbon Cider

    House-mulled hot apple cider with Jim Beam bourbon, garnished with a bourbon infused apple slice.


  • $7

    Sugar Plum Martini

    Vodka, Chambord, amaretto, peach schnapps, fresh squeezed lemon juice and cranberry juice with a sugared rim.
  • $7

    Thin Mint Martini

    Rumplemintz liquor, creme de cocoa and a splash of half and half.
  • $8

    Apple Cider Sangria

    Apple brandy, apple juice, fresh squeezed lemon juice, St. Julian’s Gunda Din cider garnished with fresh fruit.


  • $8

    Angie Jackson’s “I’ve Got A Gal”

    Sweet 'n' spicy, just like the gals in Kalamazoo
    Habanero infused simple syrup, Journeyman White Rye Whiskey, fresh squeezed lime juice and pineapple juice.
  • $8

    Cherry-vanilla Sidecar

    Cognac, fresh squeezed lemon juice and cherry-vanilla simple syrup.
  • $8

    Maple Manhattan

    Jim Beam Maple, sweet vermouth, amaretto and Angostura bitters.