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Homegrown in Kalamazoo

Homegrown in Kalamazoo
Performance Workshop
A weekly series at Old Dog Tavern
with host, Kaitlin Rose

Bring your best 25 minute set of originals and covers to share with a full bar of musicians, those who appreciate live music, and a group of performers who want to aid in your betterment!

The Homegrown in Kalamazoo Performance Workshop provides a stage for local musicians - solo, duos and/or bands - to showcase what they are working on and get considerate feedback. Host Kaitlin Rose and participants are there to listen with a caring ear and lend their insights to help each other grow! 

Here's how it works:

Each musician/band who signs up to play is encouraged to share their journey both on stage and off. Questions to consider are: When you began playing, how you learned, why you perform live and what your goals are. All are welcome to offer their wisdom with constructive feedback, which we can share together at the end of the night during our round-table style workshop. 

Sound is provided by Erik Sebastian, which includes monitors, microphes and a direct inputs for instruments. 

Later Event: October 12
The JetBeats